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I recently subscribed to the hour long session on flow rate control presented by Vito. I found the session extremely useful and even though my 30 years experience working on processing I still found the course was able to put some solid theory and scientific principles on why selecting the most appropriate fill speed overcame many process and material challenges... The course was presented in a clear and well thought out process. The ability to replay the video numerous times also helped with my ability to go over the lesson to make sure I understood all the areas covered. Can’t wait for the BIMS 1 session online.

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Simple and easy to understand explanations for a complex ...

Yehiel Shaham

Vito explains flow rate vs pressure control of filling by using equations and graphs but with a very simple and logic approach. You will easily understand w...

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Vito explains flow rate vs pressure control of filling by using equations and graphs but with a very simple and logic approach. You will easily understand when and why to use each control.

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This one hour long video-course will give you an in-depth view of the importance of using the right flow-rate in Injection Molding. The concept of optimum filling time will be explored and all the pros and cons of non optimum injection time will be assessed. Finally, the role of pressure controlled flow will be described.The material presented here is not covered as such in the BIMS-1 well known seminar. So indipendent from your potential pareticipation in the past, you will learn something new in this course. Thank you very much for participating. Please take the time to let your colleagues know about this course. A pdf of the slides will be available for download once you enroll. Please note that access to the video will be limited to 15 days after enrollement to avoid uncontrolled dissemination of the course.

Instructor : Dr. Vito LEO


Born in Italy in 1956, PhD in Physics, Vito lives near Brussels Belgium. He has worked 35+ years in the R&D Polymer field for a large multinational and will retire from that job soon. Inspired by the course he gave to the Brussels University (ULB) for two decades, he created BIMS SEMINARS SRL in year 2000 and started providing high level training courses to the Polymer/Plastics Industry throughout Eu. More than 150 sessions, private and public, have been presented to 2500+ participants from major companies. BIMS seminars will now be available as online training on Thinkific in multiple formats (single chapters or complete BIMS-1 or BIMS-2 sessions).

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