Course curriculum

This is a relatively detailed and advanced course on all things related to viscosity, as they will apply to the molding process.It is based on a section of BIMS-1 seminar entitled "Understanding of Injection Molding", but in this online version I can take more time to go into the details. Starting from the very basic definitions of Shear-rate and Viscosity, we will explore the way polymers flow into a cavity and how the rheological behaviour will affect velocity profile. The concept of extensional viscosity will be introduced. The transient character of the molding process and the typical lack of corresponding transient rheological data will be considered.After examining the effect of temperature on the viscosity and its specificity to amorphous or semi-crystalline grades we will conclude the course by a detailed presentation of the effect of hydrostatic pressure on viscosity including its origin linked to the Glass transition temperature as well as the dramatic consequences on the molding process.

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