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In this one hour long course we will review in details the Physics behind warpage induced by fiber orientation. Although everyone probably knows that the main driver is the anisotropic shrinkage (much lower in the flow direction vs. the cross-flow direction), people are still a bit confused when it comes to understanding the specific role of CTE's (Coefficients of Thermal Expansion). These do drive the warpage to a large extent, which make this distorsion thermally reversible for GF filled materials. However, one can use a more intense packing phase (which doesn't really affect CTE's) to reduce shrinkage anysotropy and thus make a flatter part. A bit confused yourself ? Take the course for a crystal clear understanding of fiber induced warpage.

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    • Understandig fiber-orientation induced warpage - Slides

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    • Fiber orientation induced warpage Part 1

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    • Fiber orientation induced warpage Part 2