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Warpage is classically described as the direct consequence of a handful of driving forces : differential shrinkage, shrinkage anisotropy and differential cooling. Interestingly however these mechanisms are not always indipendent, so that it is hard to specifically assign warpage to one or another. In this short course we will try to unlock the Physics behind the warpage bending moments induced by differential cooling. As you will see, things are ever so slightly more complex than the classically found explanations. This will also highlight the fact that numerical simulation still needs to progress a bit to completely reproduce the complex Physics at play.Oh...and YES ! This course is ABSOLUTELY FREE so that everyone can see what my courses look like. You MUST create your account (free) on this platform to enjoy the free course. We only need a name and an email address, and you are good to go ! My hope, of course, is that you will enjoy the content enough to consider buying some other courses or participate one day to my public or private, actual or online, 2 days sessions. Stay in touch for updates.

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